Wood Wide Web

I hope you will take a nice long walk just to look, really look, at the trees that inhabit the community where you live. “But the most astonishing thing about…

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Taking Up Space
photocredit: unsplash/Gemma Chua-Tran

Taking Up Space

Women, you may take up as much space in the world as you require. Of course with the right to take up space, we also carry the responsibility to be…

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What we are for?

In today's social and political climate, it seems quite easy to talk about what we are against. When we clearly see wrongs in the world, we point them out and…

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Walking a Sandy Path

This morning at low tide, we made and walked a sandy labyrinth with friends on Katwikj Stand. I met curious folks passing by, chatted in broken Dutch (is DEnglish a…

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