Maybe I’m a dreamer…

I have been reflecting on the motivation on how this place, Vrijspirit, became to be.

More often than not, I look around the world and struggle to make sense of it. Like everyone else, I am being bombarded with information that is less than reassuring. In the process of fighting over who is the bad guy and who is the good guy, we destroy our environment, the very base of our survival.  I can’t stop thinking that it might be the norm that we have the world equipped with arms pointing at each other, but to me this seems far from normal.

Searching for answers on how to make sense of this on the outside, where the natural world is being commodified and many relationships have become pure transactions, has not led me anywhere.

This is how I came to see how important it is to turn inside for answers.
To find a deeper motivations.
What makes me a human being?
What are the values I am standing for?
What makes me happy?
How can I truly connect with my fellow human beings?
How does the world look like that I want to live in?
How can I live respectfully with nature, especially since I feel so deeply how precious this world is?

These and many more questions led to the collaboration with Kimberly.

I realized that I have a big craving for the spiritual. And Kimberly has ways of expressing herself and connecting to these realms that are so super inclusive and open, that I just could not stay away 🙂

So, together we start in our small and creative ways to build the world that we feel is worth living in. We surely know that this is not an easy endeavor. After all, we are children of our time. We know that we will get lost on the way, lose hope, dreams and wonder if it’s even worth trying. And at the same time we hope that we will be able to remind each other of our common humanness. Alone, it’s easy to forget but with the help of others we can remember. To me, this seems an important role of an intentional community.

And maybe this is what we are mostly doing here at Vrijspirit. Helping each other remember what is most important about being human. Helping each other remember what it feels like to freely give and take from the heart. To allow each other to bring some beauty into the world and to respect the people who are trying to do the same.

With this, please know that we will support you if you would like to contribute, explore and have fun bringing your gifts into this community.

As someone famously said: Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

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Maybe I’m a dreamer…