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“The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.” —Thomas Berry


Because we understand the world, the people, animals and all of creation as part of one interconnected system, we aim to participate, in our small, creative ways in the mutual liberation of all. With a focus on holistic, integrated lives, VrijSpirit organizes, co-creates and hosts a variety of soul-nourishing classes, workshops, events and meet-ups in English, right in the heart of Leiden.


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The Unseen Scene
February Writing Prompt


Wonder-full Wednesday Walks in September

Wonder-full Wednesday Walks in September

Events Meet-Up
Give yourself a long, sauntering walk today through your neighborhood and while you go, consider all the different shapes of...
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Wonder-full Wednesday Walks

Wonder-full Wednesday Walks

Events Meet-Up Mindfulness
Weekly prompts to encourage you to notice your noticing as you wander and wonder. When you take your daily walk,...
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