We facilitate, organize and host projects that promote healthy relationships between people themselves and between people and nature. We see the world, the people, animals, and all of nature as part of one interconnected system and not just as isolated components or concepts. 

In order to contribute to a world that works for everyone, we create space for projects from the community for the community. Anything goes that is inclusive, connects, supports, empowers people, breaks down barriers and promotes understanding and peaceful living together. 

Such projects can be dinners, discussion groups, books studies, workshops, spiritual gatherings, selling of locally produced products, arts and crafts, story telling, yoga, women’s groups, men’s groups, non-bionary groups, gardening, social justice endeavours, wellness projects, expats meet locals, young meets old, spiritual meets science, game nights and much more. 

We have a lovely room in the Vrijplaats Leiden building with room for room for 15-20 people depending on setup. The space is 11 x 4.5 meters with moveable seating options and a gezellig corner for intimate conversation. You may also rent our projector for a small additional fee. If you are interested to offer your project at VrijSpirit or bring your group to meet in the space, please respond to the following questions:



Fee Structure

Is your project something that will generate income? In other words, will you charge participants a fee?

In this case we will share the revenue as follows:

You as facilitator keep ⅔ of generated income. Vrijspirit receives ⅓ of generated income. We will collaborate with you on a usage agreement to ensure a successful partnership.

In return for sharing revenue:

You will be able to use our lovely space
Your event will be listed on the VrijSpirit website
We will promote your event via social media such as MeetUp, Facebook and Instagram
You will reach our extensive expat network
We will support you through coaching and logistical planning of your event.

Is your project a non-profit endeavor? Do you want to get together with friends and maybe even meet a few new friends?

In this case we ask a range of €10-€20 per hour for the use of the space. This fee is based on free will and means. 

Examples of such events and gatherings might include:

Book Clubs
Game Nights
Sewing Circles
Support Groups
Community Meetings

This is what we will consider when reviewing your project proposal:

  • Does your project fit our philosophy? 
  • Can we find a time slot that works for our and your schedule?
  • Does the project offer something different than other projects already happening at VrijSpirit?
  • Does the size of your group fit the space (might vary in times of corona and needed setup)?


Please note that in considering your project, we mindfully weigh all of your responses and consider the fit with the overall intentions of the community. All of our own VrijSpirit offerings remain the priority for how the space is used. 

Because this is a collaborative community, all guests are requested to leave the room as you find it, maybe a little better with the wonderful energy you leave behind.

Refreshments can be made available for self service and pay as you go.

VrijSpirits follows all Dutch government guidelines regarding COVID-19 regulations.