Sober October

2020 has been described as a dumpster fire inside a trainwreck by more than a few people. And while we’ve hunkered down and watched the year burn, a lot of folks have upped their drinking game to numb all the feels.

We’ve watched as COVID-19 wreaked havoc in country after country. We wept as we passed the 1 million death mark from the pandemic. We raged at televisions, social media and news feeds as politicians of every stripe play tiddlywinks with human lives just to keep their pockets lined. And many of us poured one extra glass of wine, swigged an extra beer or topped off our whiskey and rye juusssst one more time before bed, all as we tried to cope with a world seemingly spinning out of control.

But, a lot of folks have also taken leaps of faith, faith in themselves and the future, to explore sobriety.  And these days, the sober curious have so many more options than 12-step programs to find the keys to freedom from that nagging suspicion that maybe, just maybe, they could should step away from the bottle.

Podcasters, publishers and Instagrammers are cranking out great resources like A Sober Girl’s Guide, We are the Luckiest, TeeDoodler and The Sober Sisters. There are even tons of apps, like I Am Sober, to help folks stay motivated, find support and celebrate success.

This past May, my wife and I started a 30 day booze-free challenge and 4 months later, we’ve both changed dramatically our relationship to the drink for good. She has chosen to remain 100% AF and I am finding a new freedom in moderation that seemed far fetched in the depths of lockdown. And to be honest, what I thought I was doing just to support my amazing partner turned out to be the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time.

I am inviting anyone who would like to challenge themselves to 31 days without alcohol to join me for Sober October.

Some sobriety seekers over at The Temper say

Are there benefits to taking a “break from alcohol”?

Month-long challenges like Dry January and Sober October are part of the greater wellness trends that have been following sobriety lately (such as being sober curious). As Refinery29 reports, some people are simply abstaining from alcohol for health reasons. Although we at The Temper don’t really agree that sobriety is a trend, we do support anyone who wants to reevaluate their relationship to alcohol by stopping drinking for a period of time, and then seeing how you feel afterward.

For some, a month of sobriety simply isn’t enough. But it can be a good place to start. All you need is to commit to a break from alcohol, meaning that you give up alcohol for a short period of time. We simply call this a time out from alcohol, and it has several benefits.

Going sober for a month can reduce your risk of liver damage, improve glucose balance, and even lower cancer-promoting proteins in your blood, according to Medical Daily and The Guardian. And that’s just the physical. On an emotional and mental level, giving up alcohol for a month can mean a general improvement to your mental health, according to Canadian Medical Association JournalPlus, taking a break from alcohol during Sober October can improve your sleep since drinking interferes with your sleep cycle and REM sleep, according to the Sleep Foundation. Another possible benefit? Better skin, according to InStyle.

If you are interested in giving this a try, with a little help from some friends, sign up below and you will receive an invitation for a weekly Zoom AF happy hour, Monday morning journaling prompts, groovy AF drink ideas and recipes plus the link to a private Facebook Group where you can connect with others who are taking the sober October challenge. And yep, this is also 100% fee free 🙂

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Sober October